We would love to introduce you to Alissa Rupp with FRAME Integrative Design Strategies based in Seattle! With over 20 years experience with children’s museums, we were fortunate to become acquainted with Alissa in 2019. She has family in the Magic Valley and had been following our journey early on.

Our board held a 3 day workshop with her in October 2020 to develop our implementation plan for the museum. Her expertise was key as we worked through the various details. In March 2021, we were ready to begin our next steps of hiring our exhibit design team with Alissa as the lead. She is a joy to work with! She helped create the perfect team. We participated in another 3 day workshop with them to kick off our exhibit design. They lead us through not only what we wanted, but why. Our Design Committee continued to meet via zoom bi-monthly with their team going over the various drafts until we “got it right.”

We are excited to continue working with Alissa and the rest of the exhibit design team as we begin the Schematic Design phase in the coming months.