Types of Play

Part 1

Let’s talk about the different types of play that you can observe in children.

Exploratory Play is a great place to start this discussion. Kids in exploratory play will use several of their senses to explore their world around them.  For example, using touch gives them an opportunity to feel objects and use gross motor and fine motor skills to develop.  They will also use their sense of smell and taste.  This is why you will often see young children put everything in their mouths, they are exploring the textures and tastes of their world.  Stopping to smell the roses is not only a way for adults to slow down from the busyness we experience, but it offers children the opportunity to explore more around them.  It’s a win, win for kids and parents to interact with each other and explore everything around us.


It usually starts with babies, when they start to explore their own bodies.  Then they graduate to objects within their reach, and of course as they develop and grow they will wander beyond their own reach to explore.  There are many opportunities for us to allow for this type of play.  Providing an environment with many different colors, textures, smells and taste will help them engage in exploratory play and allow or proper growth and development in their play universe.