Art and the Heart

Our first fundraiser was sponsored by Magic Valley Mall in February 2019. This was the first time most families had heard about CMMV, and we could feel their excitement at the prospect of having a children’s museum right here in our community! Kids of all ages got to work playing, creating, and learning


Community member Tara Rueda donated a huge supply of tumbled glass, and kids got to work designing “sea glass” mosaics. Kids could also paint watercolor valentine cards, play with STEM toys, and learn about how the human heart functions. The most popular part may have been getting to see and touch real pig and cow hearts! prize basket.

Thanks to Falls Brand & Scarrow Meat for the pig and cow hearts. Many thanks to Magic Valley Mall for allowing us to set up in an empty storefront and to Rocky Mountain Flooring for carpet squares to make it more inviting. Thanks to Twin Falls Chevrolet for filling our balloons with helium and Jensen Jewelers for donating to our raffle